1284 Views | Aug 5, 2021
What makes Dediart different?
By now, it should be evident to everyone the consequences of surrendering oneself to commercial providers. Privacy becomes compromised, with your personal data used for advertising purposes or potentially falling into the wrong hands. Your contributions often drown in a sea of irrelevant content, amidst constant advertising bombardment and filtered information. Such a scenario is particularly undesirable, especially within the artistic community. So, what sets Dediart apart? Dediart is ad-free, ensuring its members are not treated as commodities. Moreover, it abstains from data collection through services like Google Analytics. As a matter of principle, Dediart avoids interfaces with commercial providers, meaning there are no options to log in via Google, Twitter, or Facebook, thus prioritizing your privacy to the fullest extent possible. Providing an email and password manually represents a small sacrifice for the sake of heightened privacy. Although the network was temporarily put on hold, partly due to the influence of major internet giants, I have remained dedicated to this project. Efforts have been made to update the technology, redesign the platform, and launch a new Android app. Many more exciting updates are in store for the future. With this sign of life, I hope to inspire you to reconsider supporting the everyday chaos of commercial social media platforms. Instead, I invite you to join this passionate project and contribute to the creation of a pleasant and inspiring space for art enthusiasts and artists alike. Now is the time to make a difference... spread the word!