by on August 5, 2021
By now it should have become clear to everyone what price you have to pay when you sell yourself to commercial providers. Privacy goes down the drain, usage and private data is used to provide advertisers with the right target group or it gets into the wrong hands. One's own contributions are often lost in the mass of irrelevancies. People are bombarded with advertising and are presented with filtered content. This is a condition to be avoided, especially in the artistic field.
So what makes Dediart different?
Dediart is ad-free and its members are not commodities. It also refrains from collecting data through services like Google Analytics. Out of conviction, no interfaces to commercial providers are used here and therefore there is no login option with Google, Twitter & Facebook to protect you as much as possible. The manual input of an email and a password is a small price to pay for the gained privacy.
In the meantime the network was put on hold, not least due to the big internet giants. But since I care a lot about this project, I made efforts to bring the technology at Dediart up to date, to rework the design and to publish a new Android app. In addition many more interesting things will follow.
I hope to inspire you with my sign of life to stop supporting this everyday madness of commercial social media garbage, to join this passionate project and help to create a pleasant and inspiring place for every art enthusiast and artist.
Now is the time to make a difference... spread the word!
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